Work Parties

Temple Basin needs you! Come along to a work party and help keep the tows spinning.

Generally run throughout the summer months, work parties are a chance for people who care about the club to get together and spend a weekend helping out with maintenance tasks. It’s a fulfilling way to make a visible contribution so that the Basin remains a place where people can go to recreate, relax and learn into the future.

What is a work party?

There are generally jobs available for all experience levels, though if you have a specific skill set we would love to put it to use. Tasks in previous years have included:

·        Interior/ exterior painting

·        Lodge repairs

·        Track maintenance

·        Electrical systems

·        Trap line setting

Work Party Tickets:

For every 8 hours of work, you'll earn one ticket, which can be redeemed for a night of accommodation (uncatered) or a day ski pass during the 2023 winter season. During the work party, all meals are covered by TBSC as a thank you.

If this sounds like you, register below and we'll let you know when we have a work party coming up: