For more information on routes or consult the Arthurs Pass Mountaineering Guidebook

Phipps Peak (1965m) both options grade 1+

Usual route is to gain the ridge from Temple Basin by the col west of the summit. The gendarme on the ridge below the summit is turned on the Westland side up a small gully.

May also be reached from the head of Pegleg Creek by the col north of the peak. The crux is reaching the creek’s headwater - if in doubt follow a deer trail.

Mt Temple (1913m) 

Can be climbed from Temple Col, using orange ramp 200m off the col back towards the ski areas to join the south ridge. Alternatively cross col and traverse scree/ snow slopes under south ridge then climb ramp that rejoins ridge to the summit.

Normal ascent/ descent is via the broad gully to the true-left of Right Buttress. In summer beware of loose rock and in winter avalanches. Towards the top follow ramps to join the main south ridge.

Mt Cassidy (1850m)

From Temple Basin ski-field lodges head south to the ski-tow (Cassidy). From here ascend tussock slopes directly towards Mt Cassidy joining scree slopes that lead to the west ridge some 150m from the summit. Alternatively from the ski-tow shed ascend south, aiming for a series of scree ramps leading through small rock bluffs to a broad shoulder on Cassidy's west ridge, ascend the ridge easily for 400m to the summit.

Mt Cassidy can also be reached via Page Shelter and Bills Basin. Follow the track above the lodges that leads towards Page Shelter. About 150m before the shelter turn southeast up screes that lead to the nose of the ridge enclosing Bills Basin. Easy travel ensues into the basin, from the large tarn climb ever-steepening scree to join a saddle on Cassidy's northeast ridge, easy travel to the summit.